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Dubai Translation Services (DTS) is one of the largest and most respected translation service companies in Dubai. We serve clients in over 100-languages and in virtually every industry and profession, including legal, medical, real estate, oil and gas, aerospace, finance, engineering, and marketing. As a UAE company with local service in Dubai, you can count on us to provide the most accurate, fast, friendly, and professional services.
Our focus is to provide fast and economical translation services built on robust translation methodologies, quality processes, and a global network of qualified and trained native-speaker translators located in our target countries.

Dubai Translation Services (DTS) is an established international translation agency. Our team is made up of experienced translators, editors, and copywriters with knowledge and expertise in a vast range of languages and subjects.

Dubai Translation Services (DTS) aims to help clients to meet their needs which are related to the translation in all the various fields and all related services.
We Keep in your hands experience of many years of work in the field of translation services, which we realized through that the translation is an expression of intercultural and diversity of mankind, and our work is limited here in how to approach between these cultures and the expression of meaning accurately, which will enable us to raise the level of these services to their highest level.

At Dubai Translation Services (DTS), we know the important role that culture plays in the proper understanding and communication of language. Wherever language matters in your business, we are here to help. With us, your message will be tailored to reach larger audiences across different languages and cultures.

Dubai Translation Services (DTS) provides a full range of translation services to UAE and world-wide companies. Our highly experienced translators, many with advanced degrees, have specific expertise in a variety of industries, giving us unmatched resources and professional skill sets.

Dubai Translation Services (DTS) offers:

Telephone us or send us an email to learn how we can assist your company through every phase of your project, to provide translations into virtually any language with precision, speed, and care.

At Dubai Translation Services (DTS), we welcome and encourage your feedback. Our success is built on your accomplishments. Dubai Translation Services pledges to bring an outstanding level of service to all of our clients. Trust us and we will ensure your success!

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